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Karl Riemensperger

“Transcend Studio did an amazing job illustrating a children’s book about a re-homed Labrador retriever for a first-time, self-published author. They were credible from the start (something rare today), engaging and supportive throughout. They truly care about their work product and end results. Quality over hasty waste. I would recommend them to those that are new to the business, but also seasoned writers and other businesses requiring catchy and desirable illustrations."
"Antonisa is responsive to my needs as an author and captures the spirit of my books with her illustrations. They perform their work on time and on budget. I've appreciated the frankness and the relationship we've built."

Jenn White

“I am a visual author and artist. When I started talking with Transcend Studios to help me design my book cover, they were thrown colors, 80s music, old pictures, and absolutely no foundation other than a feeling I was going for. No problem. Their ability to listen and quick turnaround with a rough draft brought the vision I could not create. Taking the feeling of creativity off my shoulders, they continued to run with it. When it didn't live up to their expectations, though I thought it was great, they started over. This was important to me because this book is all about feeling. If the cover didn't meet the story, I didn't have anything. Of course, they delivered bigger and better. I literally could not stop smiling and everyone agrees, they captured what I had no idea I was going for.

I have been promoting the art work that is so good, it distracts me from the book I am writing...

I look forward to working on the next one with folks who get my imagination!”

"I contacted Transcend Studio a few months ago to illustrate my app The Niks on Android and Apple. Not only did they do an incredible job of illustrating the app, but they went above and beyond by adding animation as well as lending some needed design and marketing advice. Thank you for the hard work and long hours!"

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