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Transcend Studio Publishing

Coming Soon! 

  • Is this traditional publishing or will I have to pay?
    Our goal is to become an online publishing company similar to traditional publishers. Unlike many others, we won’t require an agent, and you won’t have to pay any fees.
  • Will there be a fee to submit my manuscript?
    Yes, there is a small fee of $49.99 to submit your manuscript. This fee covers the time required to review each submission.
  • When you launch, how many authors will you publish?
    Our goal is to work with five new authors and publish their books in 2025. However, the final number will depend on our available resources at launch. We may extend this number over time throughout the year.
  • What genre of books will you be looking for?
    We are highly interested in comedy, adventure, and fantasy stories that are fun, and silly. This is the niche audience we’re cultivating.
  • Will you pay authors for their manuscripts?
    Depending on the author’s experience, they may receive between $0 and $500 for their manuscripts. Since we’re early on and taking all the risks, all resources will be devoted to production, printing, and distribution.
  • How much royalties are you offering.
    When we illustrate the books, authors will receive 25% royalties. If paired with an illustrator other than ourselves, the royalties will be split 12.5% each between the author and illustrator.
  • Will you pay an advance to an author/illustrator?
    Yes, an author/illustrator we choose to work with will receive 25% royalties, along with an advance of $3,500 to $5,000 paid against their royalties to cover their time to produce the work. These special contracts will include the assignment of a creative director to ensure marketability and brand consistency.
  • How will you distribute the books once published?
    We will have an online store where we will sell both hardcover and e-books. As we grow, we will seek partnerships with bookstores and sell our books at events throughout the U.S. All our books will be printed using offset printing. We have plans for an official app as well. More info on this will be available later.
  • When is your launch date?
    We will launch sometime between July and September.

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