Why Hire Us?

We are a family team of two highly passionate artists who love what we do. We always put our heart and soul into every project we are hired to do. We work from home and have been in business for a bit over two years now. With over 200 happy customers, we aim to continue the streak! Although we have been creating art for over 10 years, we find ourselves always growing. We welcome you to join our artistic Journey. 

Our work

The Process


We have created a simple and fun process to help us service you efficiently and make sure you are 100% happy with the end product. This process is divided into two phases, Sketch Phase and Production Phase



When you hire us to create your character design, a deposit of 50% is required to begin. You'll receive a bill via email and can pay with any major credit or debit card as well as PayPal.


Sketch Phase:

When you hire us to create your illustration, a deposit of 50% is required to begin. We then begin sketching drafts based on your concepts and references. Once you receive these drafts, you may request edits or changes. You may also scrap the drafts and ask for a new round entirely for an additional fee that is estimated based on the complexity of your project.


Color Mockup:

We finalize your project with the color schemes you specify. If you would like to explore different color schemes, request color mockups.


Production Phase:

Once you are 100% happy with a draft, the final payment is due and we move on to completing your Illustration.

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