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Non-Disclosure Promise


Transcend Studio LLC Confidentiality Commitment:


At Transcend Studio LLC, your trust is paramount to us. We recognize the immense effort and heart you’ve poured into your manuscript, and we are genuinely honored to be a part of your creative journey.


When you entrust us with your manuscript for the purposes of assessment, editorials, children’s book development, or the production process, please be assured of the following:

1. Confidentiality: Your manuscript remains your property, both in spirit and letter. We vow not to share, distribute, publish, or reproduce any part of it without your explicit permission.


2. Purpose Limitation: We will utilize your manuscript strictly for the services you’ve engaged us for. No unsolicited use will occur on our watch.


3. Safekeeping: Beyond our moral commitment, we’ve implemented technical and organizational measures to safeguard your manuscript against accidental loss, unauthorized access, or disclosure.


By purchasing our services, you acknowledge and accept this promise from Transcend Studio LLC, validating the mutual respect and trust at the heart of our collaboration.


Thank you for choosing Transcend Studio LLC. We are dedicated to honoring our promise, nurturing your vision, and celebrating the art of storytelling.

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