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Reviews and Promotions

Take advantage of our reviews and promotions as we launch this new product for just $50 while we build up our blog. Your book will be exposed to 15,000 to 30,000+ people, depending on how well the posts perform across our social platforms and marketing campaigns.

Over 100K followers across Facebook, Instagram and X (Twitter)

Our focus is growing an audience tailored to art and children’s illustration.

Fall Campaign 2023 BG.jpg

Is your book Marketable?

Our goal is to continue building a reputation for reviewing and recommending the top books the self-publishing community has to offer. We want to reward hard work, real passion, great stories, and illustrations! Ask yourself a serious question: Is my book worth being exposed to thousands of people? If the answer is no, please do not submit, as your book may be denied and the fee is non-refundable due to the time taken to review your submission. If you do submit and are not approved, we will send an email explaining why and providing suggestions for improvement. In essence, you’ll receive a private review.

How it works


The first thing we do is review your book and write a blog post about it.


The first social media post will feature a short review along with 4-5 sample images from your book.


The next two follow-up posts are strategically written to resonate with our audience.


Interested individuals will visit the link you provided via our posts. This may result in a sale or whatever call to action you chose.


You can always resubmit for a new social media promotional post.

Get Started Now!

Promotional Review Packages

Our blog is currently in development. If you’ve subscribed to our newsletter, you’ll receive an email as soon as it goes live! In the meantime, all promotional reviews will be posted across our social media, where most of our audience is active.

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