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Antonisa Scott

Illustrator and Co-Founder
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Oscar Feliz

Illustrator and Co-Founder

Who we are:

We are two passionate artists who found each other while hired to work on a project together. Secretly, the client, his wife, and a sibling were scheming to set us up. Somehow, they knew that once we met it was going to be instant chemistry... it worked! ♥ 

We founded our studio in May 2016. Our business is registered under Transcend Studio LLC in the state of NJ. We work from home full-time and our aim is to solidify long-term relationships with our clients.

We pride ourselves in our work and always give everything we do 100%. We digitally hand-draw all the art we create to make it unique and customized to your story. We are always growing and learning. With an empty cup mindset, we always hope to learn something new from every project.



Why Hire Us?

We are a family team of two highly passionate artists - we LOVE what we do! We always put our heart and soul into every project we are hired to work on. We work from home and have been in business for a bit over six years now. With over 200 happy customers, we aim to continue the streak! Although we have been creating art for over 15 years, we find ourselves always growing. Let's venture out on this journey together!

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