Antonisa Scott

Lead Illustrator and Co-Founder


Oscar Feliz

Lead Animator and Co-Founder


Who we are:

We are two passionate artists who found each other while hired to work on a project together. Secretly, the client, his wife, and a sibling were scheming to set us up. Somehow they knew that once we met it was going to be instant chemistry... It worked! ♥ 

We founded our studio in May 2016. Our business is registered under Transcend Studio LLC in the state of NJ. We work from home full-time and our aim is to solidify long-term relationships with our clients providing a one-stop shop for their artistic needs.

We pride ourselves in our work and always give everything we do 100%. We understand that there are many businesses with different growth and financial levels. With this understanding, we learned to create art for all budget sizes! We digitally hand-draw all the art we create giving it a uniquely organic feel. We are always growing and learning. With an empty cup mindset, we always hope to learn something new from every project.



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